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Artist owned and operated since 2010, Basilica Hudson is a reclaimed 19th century factory converted into an art, performance, production and event space located steps from the Amtrak station on the waterfront of the historic town of Hudson, New York. Creative Directors, musician Melissa Auf der Maur and filmmaker, Tony Stone draw on their experience within their respective fields to bring thoughtfully curated events to the local community, while inviting people from outside the area to discover Hudson.

We are honored to pursue the mission of the Basilica’s founder and former owner, Patrick Doyle, who over the last decade transformed the building into a gathering space for the local community. Graced by Patti Smith herself, who in 2003 gave a benefit concert for The Friends of Hudson Foundation – in protest against the development of a massive cement plant that would have occupied Hudson’s beautiful waterfront. The fight against the plant was successful and changed the fate of this unique river town forever.

2011 marked a new chapter at Basilica Hudson, which continues to host diverse events ranging from community fundraisers to art exhibitions, to food and film festivals, and remain an extraordinary venue for independent music and theater.

Basilica Hudson’s striking industrial architecture makes it a unique location for weddings and other celebrations, framed by the iconic Hudson River School skies and Catskill Mountains. The variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, the diverse materials and light makes Basilica Hudson an ideal production facility and location for Film and Photo Shoots.

The city of Hudson offers a full range of fine restaurants, B&Bs, art galleries, music venues and shops. With its exceptionally beautiful landscape, the Hudson Valley is a cultural meeting place for artists, architects, farming and food enthusiasts, preservationists and antique collectors.